Medical Consultation - Questionnaire

Thank you for choosing the Inštitút zdravia and entrusting your health to us. Your medical consultation will be conducted by Veronika Babic, M.D. The ability to draw effective conclusions about your health, create an appropriate treatment plan, and optimize your well-being depends to a large extent on the accuracy of the information you provide, including symptoms and information you may consider less significant.

Health issues can be influenced by many factors, so it is important that you carefully consider the questions in this form, as well as the questions your doctor will ask you during your consultation. This will help us achieve our common goal of providing you with an optimal healthcare plan, increase our efficiency, and ensure the effective use of the scheduled consultation time. Thank you for your understanding.

*  In the bottom part of this page, you will find additional important information about the medical consultation and treatment plan.

*  If there is a circle in the form, please select only one most accurate answer. If there is a square in the form, please mark all the answers that apply. Some answers are not mandatory, and you do not have to fill them out if they do not correspond to your situation.


Important information about the consultation: 

Consultation Duration 

The consultation lasts for 2 hours (120 minutes). This is the maximum duration of the consultation. 

*If both parties - the doctor and the client - agree, the consultation can be shortened. Otherwise, the standard duration of the consultation will be maintained. 

Consultation Fee 

The consultation fee is 500€. Payment for the consultation is made by bank transfer to the Inštitút zdravia bank account upon receipt of the invoice sent to the client's email address. The invoice must be settled so that it is credited to the Inštitút zdravia bank account no later than 48 hours before the consultation begins. 

*If the payment is not credited to the Inštitút zdravia bank account by this deadline, the client has the option to reschedule the consultation. Rescheduling of the consultation due to this reason can only be done once. If payment is not credited to the Inštitút zdravia bank account even before the second scheduled consultation, the client forfeits the right to receive a new consultation date. 

Treatment Plan 

After completing the consultation, the client will receive a detailed treatment plan that outlines the treatment process and the optimization of health using functional medicine methods. The patient will receive the treatment plan within 2 weeks from the date of the consultation. 

*The patient will recieve the treatment plan typically within 2 weeks from the date of the consultation. In the case of a large number of clients, the Inštitút zdravia reserves the right to extend this period by a maximum of 1 week. 


If desired, a follow-up consultation can be scheduled 3 - 6 months after receiving the treatment plan. The duration of the follow-up consultation is 45 minutes to 1 hour, and the cost is €100. 

*Participating in a follow-up consultation is not mandatory, but it is advisable, especially for more serious health conditions. The treatment plan contains all the information needed for treatment. The follow-up consultation is intended to monitor the progress and success of the treatment.